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Up The Republic!

“It is a fallacy to believe that a Republic of any kind can be won through the shackled Free State. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The Free State is British created and serves British … Continue reading

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Rebel Lives: Volunteer Martin O’Leary – Ballyphehane’s Soldier of the People

In 1971, Ireland was in a flurry of militancy, with the republican movement, despite the recent ’69/’70 split, playing a key part. Both the Official and Provisional wings of the movement played heroic parts in the Civil Rights Movement, opposition … Continue reading

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I got a bone to pick…

Well, not with Enda, but with a few amadáns that frequent the world of the news article comments section on Facebook. I know my sanity would be best preserved by avoiding such places, and especially by not engaging with said … Continue reading

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Living with Depression – a personal account on living with the “common cold” of mental illnesses

The first thing I’ll say is Yes, this is looking for attention. Get over it. Depression is considered to be the “common cold” of mental illness in terms of how common it is. Yet, because of the huge stigma around … Continue reading

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