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Home Truths

  After a hiatus of a year, we publish a piece not exactly Cork-based, but written by a rebel in exile. Firstly in the Pale, but now further afield. During the winter of 2017 I was evicted from my then … Continue reading

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A message from the Tamminists to the alt-right snowflakes

Our comrades in the Revolutionary Tamminist Party of Mahon were recently banned from Facebook for posting an anti-racist rant, which obviously left a fair few of the alt-right snowflakes fairly butt-hurt. So here we re-publish the original post (with some … Continue reading

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All power to the Soviets.

Taken from ‘A night of music and musings, an event from the 7th of November, celebrating the October Revolution’ by Noel Murphy. All Power to the Soviets – Rather than the Duma Imagine an Ireland of Soviets. Every place electing their … Continue reading

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Ava’s pain is Simon’s shame

Since 2nd of November 2016, when Vera Twomey first promised to walk from Cork to Dublin (Long march), she has captured the hearts, minds and souls of a population. An ordinary woman with an extraordinary spirit, compelled by the most … Continue reading

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Workers rights and Sleepless nights – An evidence based rant at the incessant bolloxology of this State

The old adage goes ‘an affront to one, an affront to all’. These weeks another veiled attack on workers’ rights and public infrastructure once again exemplified how we are all being sniped and hacked at. To an outside observer the … Continue reading

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What Happens if Women go on Strike? Strike for Repeal: Ireland’s Abortion

An edited version of the following piece appeared in yesterday’s Evening Echo. Below we publish the unedited version in it’s entirety with the kind permission of the author, Rebel City’s very own, Rachael O’Sullivan. A woman’s work is never done, … Continue reading

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Is punching genocide supporting white supremacists wrong? – The moral dilemma of a pampered and privileged liberal society

During the past week or so you will have no doubt witnessed some of the many scenes of protest in the USA after the inauguration of Donald “Grab ’em by the Pussy” Trump as the democratically elected leader of the … Continue reading

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