I got a bone to pick…

Well, not with Enda, but with a few amadáns that frequent the world of the news article comments section on Facebook. I know my sanity would be best preserved by avoiding such places, and especially by not engaging with said amadáns – but I’m just a glutton for punishment! So here are the three issues which have really ground my gears this evening…

1 – Anyone like myself that needlessly wastes endless hours on Facebook everyday has certainly seen the latest witch hunt regarding an alleged Muslim woman falling and warning the woman who came to her aid to stay out of Cork City on Paddy’s Day as there is going to be a terrorist attack. If ya haven’t heard this, even the local radio stations have had to release statements to inform people that it is a hoax. Well firstly, this isn’t a hoax, which would imply that someone is actually going around doing this. No, it is a fuckin’ out and out lie! It’s always someone’s mother’s friend or a cousin’s workmate that had it happen to them.  But surely people have more intelligence than this? For it to be true, the woman would have to be the clumsiest person ever to keep falling over! And always outside of Penneys too!! Please people, use some common sense! The same lie was doing the rounds at Xmas time warning people to stay out of town on Stephens night. And just like then, this time too it is an absolute lie! People who believe this lie only do so because they want to believe it. They want to believe that the Muslim population in Cork are a threat. We’ll never mind the fact that many of them are working in our health service literally saving lives! There is no Boogeyman, and there is no said Muslim woman. Grow up and stop being an Islamophobe.

2 – Next up, people moaning that some residents in Hollyhill are objecting to Apple building a new multi-storied car park at their European HQ in the northside community. Apple literally have a free pass to do whatever they like in this State, and despite the unsustainable and precarious employment opportunities they provide for the local area, many residents are rightfully annoyed with much of the anti-social aspects of having a massive factory bang in the middle of a residential area. The residents are opposed to the project due to concerns regarding “the impact of construction, the impact on the views in the area, and the increased pressure from traffic“. Which are all very valid concerns when you are living and raising a family in this area. Their letter of petition goes on to stress that they are “practically living on an industrial estate”, which is something which people living in my own community of Mahon can very well relate to. These are some of the comments posted under the article;

Ya lets stop more job possibilities for the people of Cork. Idiots!!

Because Hollyhill is a place of natural beauty and stunning architecture ?

Wtf is wrong with people?? Will you be happy when they move out to another country who allow growth??? Wake up before it’s too late

More jobs and ye are complaining ..????????/………… and lucky to have homes !! the ‘We are Against Everything’ brigade out in force again. WTF is wrong with ye ????????

Residents in area of high unemployment complain of job creation. Only in Ireland

The ignorance and utter elitist view of some people, all of whom don’t live in the area in question, is fuckin’ infuriating! Of course people have the right to object to their community being further turned into an industrial estate! They are not opposed to the jobs, but they are the ones living in the area so surely their thoughts on the matter should trump amadáns who talk shite on Facebook?

3 – And last but by no means least, the complete anti-worker attitude of many towards the LUAS drivers involved in industrial disputes with their employer. I’m not going to go into the specifics of the dispute here, I’m just going to address some of the ridiculous rants doing the rounds on Facebook to undermine the workers. Many have probably seen this meme doing the rounds;


Well, we’ll ignore they very simplistic and disingenuous representation that this graphic gives of the actual details of the dispute, and focus on the underlying message; non-university educated workers have no right to a comfortable wage! Essentially that is what the crux of the argument boils down to at the end of the day. Whichever frontline public servant is used in the meme, the truth is that those people sharing it don’t really care about their poor wages, but more so the decent wages of the LUAS drivers. They aren’t out protesting for better pay for nurses, doctors or Gardaí – they are more concerned with keeping those without the privilege of a university education from receiving a wage that is better than or too near to their own. Elitist assholes, one and all! I’ve seen many people posting on Facebook complaining that they had to spend four years in college and are getting less than the LUAS drivers. So what? Join/form a union in your place of work and organise for a better pay, like the LUAS drivers did. I too am studying for a degree, and will start my career as a nurse on a rather poor wage, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest that transport workers are getting a wage better than mine. I say fair play to them. People need to get over themselves, and stand in solidarity with their fellow workers, because if the employers can get away with reneging on their promises to the LUAS workers, whats stopping other employers from doing the same to their workforce? An injury to one is an injury to all.

Rant over.

Lar Ó Tuama

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