All power to the Soviets.

Taken from ‘A night of music and musings, an event from the 7th of November, celebrating the October Revolution’ by Noel Murphy.

all power to the sovietsLiemrick soviet

All Power to the Soviets – Rather than the Duma

Imagine an Ireland of Soviets. Every place electing their Local Soviet

The Local Soviet electing the Regional Soviet


The Regional Soviets electing the National or Supreme Soviet.

Lets look at the Cork Soviet

Imagine each factory / workplace electing its delegates:

5 from EMC – 5 from Apple – 2 from the Univeristy Hospital,

2 from Abtan, Voxpro and Merriott

2 from the army 2 from the navy 4 from the building workers 4 from the hospitality sector and so on.

This group amounting to several hundred delegates in session, having taken over the City Hall and its now defunct City Council.

The delegates agree with the motion from the Building Workers that we will start the house building and repairing programme immediatetly –

Housing for the people.

The Delegates from the army will make emergency accomodation available to any person or family in need of lodging while they wait on the completion of their new house or flat.

The delegates now agree a motion from the University hospital and Mercy Hospital workers to sort out the waiting lists. If necessary we can use the Hotel / formerly a hospital to create more spaces for out patients and accident and emergency cases.

Health for the people.

The Delegates elect their 20 most dynamic delegates to join the delegates elected from Cobh, Mallow, Midleton, Youghal, etc to repressent them on the Regional Soviet

These delegates in consultation with their colleagues on the Local Soviets plan the infrastructure programme from the County Hall where the old Council is now defunct.

Rail Electricity Roads Water Communications

Agricultural Production, Industrial Output , Computerisation


We can do it better and more efficiently, as we are the workers who performed these tasks before to make profits for individuals and Corporations, now we are doing it for our people – our communities – our present and our future.

The surplus value is no longer goping to line the pockets of the super rich but now goes to the Regional Local and National Soviet funds.

Imagine the National Soviet – meeting in the Mansion House, or Liberty Hall or the Central Bank Building.

First a motion dealing with the Banks.

Unlike the powerless Dáil – afraid to take any real action – lest the Bankers use the laws that they created themselves – against their Government.

The laws that protect finance houses and banks are declared Null and VOID by the National Soviet.

The victims of the Tracker Mortgage scandal are immediately compensated. All family home eviction orders are rescinded.

Banking executives can comply or face imprisonment. Perhaps a bit of tuft cutting on the bogs or vegitable growing on cut bogs.

Justice for the People

Food for the People

The old systems disappear and are replaced by new structures, new ideas, new ways of doing things so that the labour of the workers is enjoyed by the workers in the land of Soviets.

And the Dáil talks about a constitution that puts the rights of property before the rights of the people and they talk of their bourgeoise democracy.

And now the National Soviet

overturns the law that see young people being paid less social welfare

because of their age

we rescind the law that stops the single parent allowance because the child has reached the ripe old age of 7 years

we rescind the law which gives lesser pensions to some because of different historical circumstances

And the Dáil and the Bureaucracy says you cant do this and we say, we are doing this.

And the Dáil and the Bureaucracy and their compliant media, asks but what about us

and we the people, seeing that our democracy is a true democracy give them their answer


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