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BREAKING NEWS FROM THE CASTLE – Working Class Renamed Serfs under Minority Coalition

The Irish government took a break from their lengthy discussions on their strategy for reneging on their election promises to make a public announcement tonight. Ireland’s first Taoiseach Enda asked the second Taoiseach Mícheál to speak (as a policy of … Continue reading

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“Kilmichael’s road, what worth?” – The usurpation of our revolutionary past

“Barry’s dead, does no-one hear? 
Kilmichael’s road — what worth? While Irishmen wear rusty chains that beseth them from their birth.” – Bobby Sands, The Sleeping Rose Irish Republicanism is at one of its most factionalised states in its history, arguably … Continue reading

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Election 2016: The year of the hotel children

We wait as a nation to hear the game played, On radio to paper the clowns run parade. Negotiated talks from closed wooden doors Lay maps of a future for babes still to borne. The hotel children hidden in Aistear … Continue reading

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