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“Kilmichael’s road, what worth?” – The usurpation of our revolutionary past

“Barry’s dead, does no-one hear? 
Kilmichael’s road — what worth? While Irishmen wear rusty chains that beseth them from their birth.” – Bobby Sands, The Sleeping Rose Irish Republicanism is at one of its most factionalised states in its history, arguably … Continue reading

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I got a bone to pick…

Well, not with Enda, but with a few amadáns that frequent the world of the news article comments section on Facebook. I know my sanity would be best preserved by avoiding such places, and especially by not engaging with said … Continue reading

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Rebel Music: The Ballad of the Hopeful Voter

A few weeks back I was trying to think up a few anti-government chants and came up with a rather catchy chorus, if I do say so myself, to the tune of the famous Irish rebel song “Go On Home (British … Continue reading

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Sinn Féin – The perfect party for this rotten little Republic?

Before I start I have to stress, this is neither an exercise in shinner-bashing nor shinner-praising –  it is simply an honest and personal opinion on Sinn Féin, particularly in the 26 counties, and their potential role in any future … Continue reading

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Proud to be a dissident – overview of R2W march, Cork City, 23rd Jan, 2016

It was a miserable wet day in Cork City last Saturday as thousands of determined activists marched through the city to reassert our human right to water, and to send the message to the government parties (and those hopefuls waiting … Continue reading

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A community activists response to the “New Special Garda Unit”

Mahon Says No are a group of working-class activists that for the past 12 months have been active in their community in organising resistance to the water charges and the installation of water meters. It is an organic group with … Continue reading

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The n*****s of Europe?

Note: I am fully aware that my use of a certain word in this article might be construed by some as offensive, so to those that are truly offended by the word I apologise and ask you to please consider … Continue reading

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Public Health: What is Primary Health Care?

Following on from our Rebel Lives piece on Dr. Noel Browne the following is the first in a series of pieces on Public Health which we hope will address not only the state in which our Public Health Service is currently … Continue reading

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Don’t be a dick, Vote Yes!

Unless you’ve been holidaying on the far side of the moon for the past few months, it would be safe to presume that you are well aware that citizens of the 26-county state will be going to the polls on … Continue reading

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Political Policing, Cork Protests and Misguided Kerrymen

For the third morning in a row we awoke to the news that there had been a further four arrests in relation to the peaceful act of mass civil disobedience in Jobstown last November when Joan “Hide Your Phone” Burton … Continue reading

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