A message from the Tamminists to the alt-right snowflakes

Our comrades in the Revolutionary Tamminist Party of Mahon were recently banned from Facebook for posting an anti-racist rant, which obviously left a fair few of the alt-right snowflakes fairly butt-hurt. So here we re-publish the original post (with some editorial tweaking), just so those cucks can come and have a read of it if ever they’re looking for something to get them going in the strange self-flagellating fetishism that they are known for. Weirdos.

A few weeks back some cowardly racist cunts decided to firebomb a hotel up the country which was earmarked for to be used as a Direct Provision Centre for asylum seekers. This is the second such attack in the past three months. We in the revolutionary Tamminist Party of Mahon would like to express our desire to fight anyone who supports this kind of action. Honest to god. Because anyone who thinks attacking poor people is a good way to get back at the pricks in Leinster House is a fucking amadán and a coward and deserves a couple of slaps with a hurley.

You’re not a patriot, you’re a bonehead. You’re not fighting for your country. you’re behaving like the Loyalist cunts who burned our countrymen out of their homes. You’re not carrying on the long tradition of resistance than us Irish are so proud of. You’re mimicking the long tradition of fascism that the Brits are known for. Yeah, Tommy Robinson probably thinks you’re sound. But the Chairman Tammy thinks you’re a cunt. Bobby Sands would have boxed the head off ya. Padraig Pearse would have been disgusted by ya. And Tom Barry would have left ya in a fucking ditch!

There is bogland all around Cork – and all over the country – where many a traitor and counter-revolutionary were laid to rest for serving the cause of imperialism. And those who carried our these attacks would have met the same ending were the ra still a formidable force today. And ’tis a fucking pity they’re not!

The small handful of people (a few thousand on an island of 6+ million) who come to this country to seek better lives for themselves are NOT to blame for ANY of your hardships. Whether they’re asylum seekers, refugees, economic migrants or whatever, who fucking cares!The VASt majority are here to build a good life for themselves while contributing society. Unlike the cunts responsible for these attacks, and the sneering fuckers who support it.

The family with three kids from Syria aren’t to blame for Tina’s untreated mental health issues. The Health Care Assistant from Nigeria isn’t to blame for John’s drug addiction. The taxi-man from kenya isn’t to blame for Daithí ending up on the streets. The fast-food worker from China isn’t to blame for Tomás and Mary being evicted out of their family home. the barber from iraq isn’t to blame for our nurses working in such shit conditions.

The bankers, their puppet politicians, the greedy landlords and the rest of their fellow elites are to blame! It’s not the blacks and the Muslims, most of those responsible are fucking white and irish! And of course their lackey knuckle-draggers that act the big boys online and creep in the shadows to carry out attacks in the name of some fake patriotism and claiming we should “look after our own”.

Look after our own? Who the fuck is that? If you’re poor and struggling, you’ve much more in common with the immigrants than the boys running the country. So who the fuck are “our own”? And who the fuck is the real enemy? Not so long ago the Irish were spat at and attacked on the streets of England – NO BLACKS NO DOGS NO IRISH! And now these new breed of so-called “nationalists” are acting exactly like those English fascists cunts who treated the Irish like shit.

Swear to god, on me grandmother’s grave, every single one of the cunts that supports these attacks is a cowardly fucker and deserves a fucking hiding and we’re calling them out. In fact, they should come out from behind their keyboards and organise a public rally. Give it plenty of advertisement and plenty of time notice, and we see how many of ye fuckers show up. Cos we’ll be waiting. Cunts.


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