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Rebel City Collective’s forerunner the ‘Socialist Republican Peoples Party’

‘A poster from the little known  Socialist Republican Peoples Party.  The SRPP were a small group of Cork city based activists who broke from Sinn Féin due to their change in direction around ’98/’99 who later went on to form the Rebel City … Continue reading

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Rebel Lives: Dr Noel Browne

This piece has been lifted from the Modern Distortions blog and gives a rather informative rundown on an often forgotten figure in Irish politics, particularly Left politics, Dr Noel Browne. Many thanks go to the original author for providing such an … Continue reading

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The Party: Help or Hindrance?

This is somewhat of a response to A Cynical Comrade’s earlier piece – The Wrong Road To Progress. I think that, justifiably, there is a cynicism and estrangement among the broad revolutionary/progressive movement towards political parties. I sympathize with this … Continue reading

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The Wrong Road to Progress

You could say it’s a rant about something meaningless but it’s an issue that has dogged political groups in opposition since their very beginning of said opposition. It’s a necessity to centralize the struggle against right wing forces in their … Continue reading

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The purpose of marriage is procreation; if you are not going to breed give your licence back! Hey No campaign – leave our kids alone

The All-Ireland winning Dublin GAA footballer Ger Brennan pictured in his GAA jersey (in case we did not understand how truly wholesome he is) has come out as a No Vote for Equality referendum and the Irish Independent has given … Continue reading

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Don’t be a dick, Vote Yes!

Unless you’ve been holidaying on the far side of the moon for the past few months, it would be safe to presume that you are well aware that citizens of the 26-county state will be going to the polls on … Continue reading

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Why I am voting Yes

Let me tell you about some friends of mine. Mary is in her 70’s she lives in a rural Irish town and is what I’d call an old style Catholic, not a dogmatic ‘holy Mary’ type but a sincere spiritual … Continue reading

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