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Work Must Pay – direct action campaign against exploitation of workers

WorkMustPay is a campaign of young trade unionists and political activists against the JobBridge internship racket. JobBridge is a state scheme which forces young workers to work for periods of 6-9 months with only 50 euro extra on top of … Continue reading

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No Payslips, No Holiday Pay

The following piece is an overview of one Rebel’s experience over the past decade in the electrical industry with an emphasis on the negative effects the States policies of “austerity” has had on the conditions of workers in this field, … Continue reading

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The Irish Labour Party, Labour Youth and SIPTU.

Originally posted on Thoughts and Considerations:
The Irish Labour Party along with their Youth wing [Labour Youth] continue to speak out about their role in government, heralding their achievements as some sort of enormous steps in a progressive direction. The…

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Where is Our James Connolly?

The words of Patrick Galvin’s famous song carry a resounding resonance in today’s Ireland. With the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising fast approaching, Ireland, now more than ever truly needs a hero of the workingman and workingwoman! James Connolly … Continue reading

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