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Is punching genocide supporting white supremacists wrong? – The moral dilemma of a pampered and privileged liberal society

During the past week or so you will have no doubt witnessed some of the many scenes of protest in the USA after the inauguration of Donald “Grab ’em by the Pussy” Trump as the democratically elected leader of the … Continue reading

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Identifying the Enemy

The working class has become like an army of foot soldiers for the international elite. Vastly arrayed and looking all shiny in their uniforms, rising almost at the same time and finishing at the same time. Working, working and working … Continue reading

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Socialism: What is it and why do we need it?

  The following is one young Rebels ideas of what socialism is and how it would best suit us here in Ireland. Socialism is a system whereby the means of production, distribution and exchange are publicly owned and used for … Continue reading

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