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Sinn Féin – The perfect party for this rotten little Republic?

Before I start I have to stress, this is neither an exercise in shinner-bashing nor shinner-praising –  it is simply an honest and personal opinion on Sinn Féin, particularly in the 26 counties, and their potential role in any future … Continue reading

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Rebel Lives: Volunteers Tony Ahern and Dermot Crowley – Mayfield’s fallen martyrs

It is impossible to tell the story of Volunteers Tony Ahern and Dermot Crowley by just writing about one, their story is in many ways a single one. Vol. Anthony (Tony) Ahern was born on the 15th Novermber, 1955. He … Continue reading

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Rebel City Collective’s forerunner the ‘Socialist Republican Peoples Party’

‘A poster from the little known  Socialist Republican Peoples Party.  The SRPP were a small group of Cork city based activists who broke from Sinn Féin due to their change in direction around ’98/’99 who later went on to form the Rebel City … Continue reading

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Where is Our James Connolly?

The words of Patrick Galvin’s famous song carry a resounding resonance in today’s Ireland. With the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising fast approaching, Ireland, now more than ever truly needs a hero of the workingman and workingwoman! James Connolly … Continue reading

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