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What Happens if Women go on Strike? Strike for Repeal: Ireland’s Abortion

An edited version of the following piece appeared in yesterday’s Evening Echo. Below we publish the unedited version in it’s entirety with the kind permission of the author, Rebel City’s very own, Rachael O’Sullivan. A woman’s work is never done, … Continue reading

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Election 2016: The year of the hotel children

We wait as a nation to hear the game played, On radio to paper the clowns run parade. Negotiated talks from closed wooden doors Lay maps of a future for babes still to borne. The hotel children hidden in Aistear … Continue reading

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Irish Government Passes New Law to Castrate the Irish People

As I sit here listening to the people of Ireland debate, on the Niall Boylan show, the validity of the new legislation that came into force today, I begin to feel sick. We are shouting at each other as Niall … Continue reading

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Is the Price of the Barbie Doll a French Refugee Camp?

We are proud to carry this excellent piece from our very own Rachael O’Sullivan which appeared in todays Evening Echo. As Rebels we may tend to shun the mainstream at times, but we are delighted that one of our Rebel … Continue reading

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Make them poor enough to want to work – A response to Joan Burton’s “Incentive to work” comments

Ireland’s leading lady Joan Burton has declared in her alluring, yet boring tones, that taking away the Single Parent Payment when a child is seven will give “single parents an incentive” to return to work. Incentive “a thing that motivates … Continue reading

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Pick up your Pitchforks; Irish Water are coming to Town!!

I left Ireland for the Celtic Tiger and decided to return for the economic crash. The Ireland I returned too after a decade away was not my home. It was an alien land devoid of community spirit and the humour … Continue reading

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The purpose of marriage is procreation; if you are not going to breed give your licence back! Hey No campaign – leave our kids alone

The All-Ireland winning Dublin GAA footballer Ger Brennan pictured in his GAA jersey (in case we did not understand how truly wholesome he is) has come out as a No Vote for Equality referendum and the Irish Independent has given … Continue reading

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Allergic to work but too broke for an antihistamine – A response to Michael Noonan’s Mirror attack

Forced by a jammed button to listen to Ryan Tubirdy this morning, my day began with the realisation that Ireland is faced with an epidemic. A rare disease discovered in the famine but still contagious, an allergy to work. The … Continue reading

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