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Home Truths

  After a hiatus of a year, we publish a piece not exactly Cork-based, but written by a rebel in exile. Firstly in the Pale, but now further afield. During the winter of 2017 I was evicted from my then … Continue reading

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Workers rights and Sleepless nights – An evidence based rant at the incessant bolloxology of this State

The old adage goes ‘an affront to one, an affront to all’. These weeks another veiled attack on workers’ rights and public infrastructure once again exemplified how we are all being sniped and hacked at. To an outside observer the … Continue reading

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Apollo House solidarity action, Cork City 11/1/17: A few words from our man in City Hall

Empowered by the events unfolding in Dublin, activists from a wide circle of groups in Cork marched from Connolly Hall, down the road and straight into the City Hall building this morning. We did not announce our demonstration, our march … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS FROM THE CASTLE – Working Class Renamed Serfs under Minority Coalition

The Irish government took a break from their lengthy discussions on their strategy for reneging on their election promises to make a public announcement tonight. Ireland’s first Taoiseach Enda asked the second Taoiseach Mícheál to speak (as a policy of … Continue reading

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Election 2016: The year of the hotel children

We wait as a nation to hear the game played, On radio to paper the clowns run parade. Negotiated talks from closed wooden doors Lay maps of a future for babes still to borne. The hotel children hidden in Aistear … Continue reading

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The Housing Crisis, who benefits?

The following article is reproduced with the kind permission of our comrades at Rebel Cork’s Fighting Story Original article – http://rebelcorksfightingstory.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/the-housing-crisis-who-benefits/ We all have a right to our own home, or so we’re told. A ‘Fundamental Right’. So why is the … Continue reading

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