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“We need bridges, not walls”

The following piece was kindly submitted by a member of Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity who recently travelled to the Jungle refugee camp in Calais as part of a humanitarian aid convoy. I got involved in the Irish convoy to Calais … Continue reading

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Is the Price of the Barbie Doll a French Refugee Camp?

We are proud to carry this excellent piece from our very own Rachael O’Sullivan which appeared in todays Evening Echo. As Rebels we may tend to shun the mainstream at times, but we are delighted that one of our Rebel … Continue reading

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Political Policing in Cork

  “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you” is one of my favourite sayings, and something I try to remember as a political activist. Recently, the Cork Evening Echo published a piece on the Gardaí … Continue reading

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B-more Uprising – We like our n*****s to entertain, not to break their chains…

The following is a short piece addressing the hypocrisy associated with how some of us in privileged positions view oppressed people, in this case the black communities of Baltimore which have this week descended into an open uprising against police terrorism. As … Continue reading

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