A New Year’s message to the haters…


A homeless man begging in Cork. Photograph: Daragh Mac Sweeney/Provision

After some months of distraction and neglecting of this blog, the Rebel City Writers are back and hope to keep a consistent flow of material throughout 2017. For those of you new to our blog, do delve into our archives for some Pulitzer-worthy rantings and ramblings from rebels and reds alike. 

WARNING: If bad words offend you, then fuck off and read the fucking Echo!!

Absence of religion in my life has left me aloft as to who I should praise now that the curtain is about to close on another Christmas, so a theoretical nod to Karl Marx will have to suffice. Now let’s be clear, I am no scrooge and only partially a grinch. Christmas dinner and the time spent with family are my favourite parts of the holidays. Although, throwing on me novelty Christmas jumper and heading to the pub to consume intolerable levels of black stuff leading to a more intolerable rendition of my favourite christmas song, is right up there. What I can’t stand are the haters.

Some would say that Christmas brings out the best in us in terms of people’s willingness to give, to both charity and the less fortunate. However, I would say it brings out the worst in us. A few suits with share stickers dropping a couple of bob into a lads cup on the South Mall, although welcomed, is not reflective of the generosity, or of the equality, of society. Especially when our local district court Judge imprisons at least half a dozen of these very people in the final week of court proceedings, for “begging” and being “an obstruction and nuisance to the public”. Anyway the point is Christmas never fails at illuminating the core problems in society and the division surrounding them – poverty, homelessness, income inequality, mental health, unemployment, domestic violence etc. all come to the fore of public discussion. And although most people would be generally sympathetic to anyone who finds themselves in tough circumstances at christmas, not everyone would. I used to refer to them as the welfare haters, but now I just call them CUNTS.


These CUNTS are not too hard to spot. They usually blame any lasting economic problems on the poor and destitute, otherwise known as “entitled”. Not a word said about tax evasion, income inequality or the banks causing the financial crisis. As Frankie Boyle says, all of this stuff “was on the fucking news”. The CUNTS are generally intellectually impotent, they come up with generalisations and stereotypes, not based on any fact based research by the way, and they repeat them religiously. They don’t acknowledge that at the end of 2014, 39% of the population of the Free State (or 1,969,630 people) had requested some sort of financial aid from the Department of Social Protection. Yeah, thats right 39%, probably about half of the adult population needed help. While at the beginning of 2016 we learned that 13 people had doubled their wealth in a year to have 38 Billion between them. Yeah that’s right, 13 fucking people. I could fit the bastards in the box room of me mother’s house all together, and be sure if I had the chance – I would fuck a grenade in there after them.

The point is everyone needs a hand at some stage in life. Obviously, if the current global economic system is designed to concentrate real wealth in the hands of a few, then more people are going to need help. Yeah I might be playing to divisionists by attacking the CUNTS, but fuck it and fuck them. They think that 39% of the population is entitled and part of the “don’t want to work brigade”. Their go-to catchphrase “Get a job and contribute” – yeah, contribute to what exactly? The growing loot of capital exploited on the backs of the working class being stored by the 1% in their paedophile dungeons? I’ve got a better idea, why don’t you have your mince pie and fucking choke on it, CUNT.

Jonathan Dunne

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