Election 2016: The year of the hotel children

Photo: Samboal/RollingNews.ie

Photo: Samboal/RollingNews.ie

We wait as a nation to hear the game played,
On radio to paper the clowns run parade.
Negotiated talks from closed wooden doors
Lay maps of a future for babes still to borne.

The hotel children hidden in Aistear cloaks,
Know no reason their ambitions will choke.
They word to letter form their homework to be done
For work if faster, harder a mother’s path may be resung.

The added pencil numbers of ones, twos and threes
All now becomes a telling of personal achieve.
Small hope eyes glow fierce to ignore,
The cold hunger of learning their young minds us implore.
For striving to thriving no teacher now claims
Is a child’s personal vendetta in a state’s CSO claim.

And no one but no one except you is too blame
For the race we all started saw equality named.
In a flat green field of true Irish grain
the feet of their childhood taught poverties pain.
A gunshot began and little legs race
Though the grass they pound down on is bought with their shame.

If a family left homeless through a fault they must own
Finds a lost vote still floating could they board it for home.
A land evergreen now torn into two
By the greed of cold penny that belongs to so few.
The masses come pouring to remind this small nation
Each voice that is standing talks for a people’s salvation.

So remember each vote that was ticked to be counted
Is a name not a chip to be hoarded and mounted.
In a jovial game of cards on Eireanns last table
So deliberate the hands dealt when cronies are able.

Rachael O’Sullivan

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