Rebel Music: The Ballad of the Hopeful Voter

A few weeks back I was trying to think up a few anti-government chants and came up with a rather catchy chorus, if I do say so myself, to the tune of the famous Irish rebel song “Go On Home (British Soldiers)”. At first it was just a chorus berating the three main parties in this state, but after getting it stuck in my head I felt compelled to pen a few verses. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I never got to record it, so I said I’d post the lyrics up on this blog anyway to cement my contribution to Irish folk and protest music!


The Ballad of the Hopeful Voter

(To the air of Go On Home)


In Ireland we have an unfortunate trend,

Of electing and protecting gombeen men,

It’s time we broke the mould, and left them all out in the cold,

And never let this shower in power ever again.


Labour, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil,

They’re liars, crooks and thieves one and all,

They’ll never get my vote, and I only hope,

That they are never re-elected to the Dáil.


Well Bertie and Mícheál and all the rest,

They left the entire country in a mess,

Now they’re hoping we’ve forgotten, how they left a taste so rotten,

When Fianna Fáil sold us out to the IMF.

(repeat chorus)


We were promised if we elected Enda Kenny,

That the banks they wouldn’t get another penny,

But they were telling lies, ‘cos through a Blueshirts eyes,

The greed of the few always outweighs the needs of the many.

(repeat chorus)


Labour were against the water charge,

But then the cheques they came in quick and large,

So they swiftly changed their tune, which has brought about their ruin,

And they’ll all be out of work come March.

(repeat chorus)


Now I just can’t wait to vote at the end of the month,

‘Cos I’m sick and tired of all the election stunts,

So let’s take this opportunity, to stand up for our communities,

And finally say good luck to this shower of……..


bonus verse

Joan was mad at the cameras on our phones,

We’ve camera-phones, but no bloody homes,

Joan we’re gonna teach ya, you know that we will beat ya,

And you can shove your water meter up your hole…

Apart from a dodgy recording on a phone at the back of the bus traveling up to Dublin for the march last Saturday, and a few scattered renditions of the chorus during the march, this song may never be heard by many outside of my immediate circle. Which may well be a good thing. But nevertheless, here it is. Many thanks to my comrade Jonathan Dunne for penning the bonus verse.

Lar Ó Tuama

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