General Election 2016 – One vote might not change much, but no vote changes everything…..


We here at Rebel City HQ do not place too much faith in parliaments, nor in elections and their potential to really change the lives of the people. However, we do see the benefit of having left/progressive TDannna that use their position to expose and call out the corruption and gombeenism that is rampant in the halls of Leinster House. As the socialist-republican revolutionary leader Séamus Costello said;

“I favour guerilla tactics in parliament, the same as I do in many other respects… And I see no reason why with a few TDs or a few MPs of the right calibre, persuing the right policies, why they cannot destroy the confidence of the people in these institutions and bring them tumbling down in ruin.”

And for those in doubt as to the benefit of having a few elected reps of the right calibre, then bare in mind when a young Bernadette Devlin walked across the floor of West Minster and punched the then British Home Secretary, Reginald Maudling, in the face the day after the massacre of Irish people by British troops on Bloody Sunday. When a reporter asked her if she intended to apologise for her actions, her response was that of a true representative of the people who voted for her – “I’m just sorry I didn’t get him by the throat”.

There may not be any potential Costello’s or Bernadette’s in the running for tomorrow’s election, but there are some very good candidates that will do a good job standing up for the people. And if they can keep a seat away from the Blueshirts, the Labour traitors and the gombeen men of Fianna Fáíl then surely it will be a vote that makes a difference. In the very recent history of this island nation of ours many were denied a vote because of their religion. Even still those forced to emigrate due to the political decisions of the men in power are unable to cast a vote that might determine if they can come home or not. Your right to vote might be something you take for granted, but never forget that many bled and died for you to have that right. So go out and vote, and if you want a more fairer and just society then VOTE LEFT!

An Bhreathnadóir


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