Solidarity to the striking LUAS workers!

From all at Rebel City Writers, we wish to send our unwavering solidarity and support to the LUAS drivers that are currently engaging in a 48 hour work stoppage, which commenced at 4am this morning. The decision to take industrial action, facing the real possibility of repercussions from management and employers, can never be an easy one for a worker to take and therefore it is essential for the public to stand with the workers. The disruption that the public will face due to this strike should act as a reminder of the important role transport workers play in our society, and we would urge those put out by these events to empathise with the striking workers and their families.

In a society where the richest people continue to amass disgusting amounts of wealth as working conditions continue to worsen then all of us should stand in solidarity with our fellow workers when they come to the difficult decision to take strike action. This is not a strike simply for more pay, it is to protect the workers right to collectively organise and speak with one voice. The captains of industry have from their inception despised the idea of Trade Unions, and in turn are unyielding in their attempts to undermine the union and sow division among the workers. It is therefore incredibly uplifting to see the vast majority of LUAS drivers supporting this action, and all of us who have ever been treated with contempt by our employers should stand with the LUAS drivers.


As the neo-liberal sell-off of our collectively owned public assets continues at pace it is vital to heed the words of James Connolly; “Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.” Successive governments, whether led by Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael, have shown that they are more than willing to allow the largest multi-national corporations in the world to set-up shop on our shores and pay little in way of taxation, while at the same time allowing our public services to fall further into disrepair. From our two-tier health and education services to the deliberate exacerbation of the housing crisis, the private profiteers are given free-reign at the expense of the workers. And, as this current strike action shows, the ever-increasing influence of the private sector on our public transport service will inevitably result in worsening conditions for the workers.

Nobody is saying the LUAS drivers are being left impoverished by the actions of the company, but refusal to engage fairly with the workers and their union is a direct attack on the right to collective bargaining and has ramifications for us all. It may not seem as though this directly effects you when it is the transport workers on strike, but any defeat suffered by the Trade Union movement is ultimately a step forward for industry and a step backwards for the workers. Join a Trade Union, organise in your workplace and support your fellow workers in struggle!


An Bhreathnadóir

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