Happy New Year Readers!


Happy New Year to all our readers, from all the Rebel City Writers! The first posts were published to this blog on the 10th of January 2015 and it’s fair to say we’ve done alright over the past 12 months. We published 58 posts last year and got over 18,000 views, which isn’t too bad for a first venture into blogging and writing for many of us. So to steal an idea from our comrade blogger An Sionnach Fionn, here are the 15 most popular posts we published last year…

1 – The purpose of marriage is procreation; if you are not going to breed give your licence back! Hey No campaign – leave our kids alone 3,371 views

2 – Make them poor enough to want to work – A response to Joan Burton’s “Incentive to work” comments 2,494 views

3 – Allergic to work but too broke for an antihistamine – A response to Michael Noonan’s Mirror attack 2,424 views

4 – A community activists response to the “New Special Garda Unit” 706 views

5 – Beware of the thing that is coming, beware of the risen people! 618 views

6 – The n*****s of Europe? 488 views

7 – A true underdog story; The Irish People versus the Political and Financial elites 485 views

8 – Political Policing, Cork Protests and Misguided Kerrymen 467 views

9 – Pick up your Pitchforks; Irish Water are coming to Town!! 423 views

10 – Strengths of the Community Pillar of the anti water tax movement 408 views

11 – Is the Price of the Barbie Doll a French Refugee Camp? 398 views

12 – Irish Water are Coming to the Rebel City – meter installations and the need for direct action 385 views

13 – Kerry stick to the football and leave the revolution for the Rebels – our man in Killarney 339 views

14 – How do we best respond to the arrests of anti water tax campaigners? 284 views

15 – Rebel Lives: Staff Captain Joe McCann – Revolutionary Socialist Republican 231 views

Hopefully 2016 will be an action packed year and we’ll have plenty more to write about, and plenty more writers too. Thank you again to all our readers and contributors, and we hope that we can grow as a collective over the coming year.

Rebel City Writers

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