Irish Water are Coming to the Rebel City – meter installations and the need for direct action


So the time has finally arrived, after over a year of witnessing communities nationwide mobilise against Irish Water by stopping smart meter installations, Irish Water now have their sights set on our City – the Rebel City. If I do say so myself; its about f**king time!

Readers, I tell you, there is no tactic more important than stopping the meters! Not only has stopping the meters mobilised communities, it has helped turn neighbours into friends, it has contributed to communities and individuals realising that they are not alone in fighting austerity and not alone in fighting the monster that is Irish Water.

We are all in this together.

For 6 years we have had our wages plundered, our services ravaged and ours and our kids welfare thrown to the back of the que. Now they come for our water supply. But now they have to come to our doorsteps with their smart meters and now its our turn to fight back through direct action by stopping these poxy meters.

We have already seen how the Rebel County responded to these installations by succsesfully stopping Irish Water in Cobh, Carrigaline, Watergrasshill, Tower and many other towns.

So to all Rebel City residents, I call on you to go on spread the word, go tell your Mams, dads, sons, daughters, aunties, uncles, dogs, cats and pigeons. Cork city does not want these meters and we need rebels on the stopcocks.

It has been repoted that Irish Water will start meter installations in the city from the 6th of July so I would encourage you (if you have not done so already) please contact one of the Says No or local anti-water tax groups if you need help or advice in the most effective ways to Stop Irish Water.

Lets show the rest of the country how the Rebels revolt. Corcaigh abú!


Facebook pages for some of the groups active in Cork City;

– Mahon Says No

– Ballypheane/South Parish Says No to Water Charges

– Mayfield Has Had Enough

– St. Luke’s Says No to Water Charges

More links will be added… 

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