Capitalists, austerity and 20th century revolutionaries…


It was revealed in the last few days the depth of corruption in the Irish capitalist establishment and the elected representatives, parties and people alike have taken to complaining online and everywhere else. But aside from patiently waiting like sheep for the next general election, are we actually going to do anything about it? The monetary system, so corrupted by the capitalists themselves is the greatest form of theft of the value of our labour.

We as a society are largely built on honest, tax paying work, yet the swindle that has gone on in the supposed upper echelons has left out millions from the exchequer, all for the benefit of a few select individuals. Here is a great moment, for you, dear reader to be reminded that there is an 85% chance you’re among the part of the population that would be considered ‘the masses’ and consequently the one taking the consequences of draconian right wing austerity.

Do you not feel even a small sense of injustice? Do you not feel that something should be done? It is ever so convenient, in my mind that the laws and regulations passed are often very cleverly capable of defending the most vile of criminals. Those who robbed like thieves and self centered beasts were given a tap on their wrists and those who continue to rob file ‘injunctions’ against major media outlets, disallowing them the ability to perform their primary function.

In relative comparison to mainland Europe, where across the demonstrations people burn cars and clash with the branch enforcing the law on behalf of the capitalist state. Yet in Ireland when a water balloon is thrown, members of the establishment parties have the stupidity to compare the demonstrators and protesters to the fundamentalist Islamic organization known as the ‘Islamic State’. Though one must remember that hyperbole and exagerations are old tools in the department of propaganda by both Church and State.

Nevertheless, the development of social media and the internet has allowed blatant lies and over-statements such as that one to not go unnoticed and to essentially be displayed as lies among the circles that matter. It is still quite harrowing to see that peaceful protesters and upset people are compared to people who burn others alive, stone them and cut their heads off. One must wonder what sort of explosive imagination the establishment parties have!

Though I think I’ve strayed from the ultimate point that’s being outlined here. Why are we so timid in our demands and so unsure of ourselves? The people outnumber the corrupt oligarchy a thousand to one yet we call for ‘peaceful protest’ and a calm. Why do we accept a series of rules and regulations written by the oligarchy? Why do we play for reform in the bourgeoise arena?

No revolutionaries in the 20th century accepted the corrupt rule of their leadership, so why should we? The heroes of 1916 in Ireland fought for their liberties through rifle and pitchfork, so why is it when political parties in Ireland glorify them they conveniently do not encourage the same sort of tactics?

Cynical Comrade

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