The Wrong Road to Progress


You could say it’s a rant about something meaningless but it’s an issue that has dogged political groups in opposition since their very beginning of said opposition. It’s a necessity to centralize the struggle against right wing forces in their own context and playing field, the Dáil. If we confine ourselves to the limitations imposed on us then we accept the rules of our enemies who seek to destroy us.

Hence it is our duty to re-define the parameters of our confrontation with the enemies of the worker and look towards other meaningful alternatives in achieving democracy. This does not mean that I advocate for the complete abandonment of the parliamentary system no, not at all. Though I do maintain and believe that instead of pouring such great efforts into the centralization of authority there should indeed be a greater effort into the reverse.

Real progress will never come through an institution that has for almost a century acted as “committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class”. It stands to reason therefore that reform cannot only inevitably be brought back but it also continues the tradition of Western politics to delegate supreme authority to a few people on a murky basis.

We see the victory of parties that claim to be forces of progress as a triumph for the people, but this statement is made in the context of the enemies playing field, as mentioned above. Why can we not adopt different tactics to defeat a right wing government and focus our energies elsewhere? The great resources of labour and finance that the parties in opposition possess right now can be a catalyst for change if applied correctly.

What do I mean by correctly? Well, if we take into consideration the setup of the Irish political system and the way in which a majority party exercises executive dominance we’ll see that the scope for democracy is severely limited in the chambers of parliament. That is why the great resources of the opposition parties must be put forth to empowering local communities rather than chaining them in obededience to party structures.


The path to progress and indeed revolutionary change in Ireland will come about through the effective radicalization and politicization of a critical amount of the population. The tactic currently adopted right now by all political parties is one that essentially requires blind obedience to a single party which is then the promised medium through which everything can be achieved.

This mentality is not only counter-productive but it also limits the impact that can be achieved from a peoples movement. In curtailing a real mass movement where supreme decision making authority is forfeited it is instead wielded by what can essentially be described as a ‘Workers Council’, ‘People’s Council’ or something we’re more familiar with, a Soviet.

It is clear to me that supreme decision making authority must be vested with the many, not the few and that the delegation of authority in the Irish system simply works against the electorate in almost every discernible example. Each party hero worships its leadership prescribing legacies, titles of great proportion and unwaivering loyalty to them while simultaneously denying that they are doing this.

The pyramid of power enhanced by the parliamentary system must be turned upside down so that all power is truly vested in several democratic institutions that are committed to a series of principles. These principles must supercede individual ambitions, political parties and the opportunistic endevors that many have recently engaged upon. These principles must provide a basis of untiy for action groups and they cannot be contaminated by the utter lie of an argument that you must be in a political party to instigate change.

Cynical Comrade

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