Victory to the Dunnes Workers!




The Rebel City Writers wish to send our comradely support and solidarity to the striking Dunnes workers today. The decision to take strike action could not have been an easy one for the some 6,ooo workers that will be engaging in industrial action with the fear of being black-listed by management, and for this we applaud their courage and determination.

The striking workers have 4 main demands including;

-Secure hours and earnings;
-Job security;
-Fair pay for all Dunnes workers; and
-The right to trade union representation.

Considering the vast profits that the company takes in, these demands are not unreasonable and should be supported by all of those who wish to see a fairer and more just society.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of this strike action will be and whether the management and directors will allow the workers their basic demands, but one thing that is clear is that the workers will have an even more difficult fight without the support of the public. All workers, trade union members and those that are fed-up with living in a society where the needs of a wealthy few are put before the majority, the labouring classes, should support the workers in anyway they can. Stand with them on the ground, listen to them and the reason why they are taking action, spread the word through whatever means, but most of all DO NOT cross the picket line.


An Bhreathnadóir


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