The Irish Labour Party, Labour Youth and SIPTU.

After a weekend of desperate back-patting at the Labour Party Conference in Killarney, which saw much greater numbers outside the venue protesting their presence than actually inside attending the event, this excellent piece from our comrade Alex Homich is quite apt…

Thoughts and Considerations

The Irish Labour Party along with their Youth wing [Labour Youth] continue to speak out about their role in government, heralding their achievements as some sort of enormous steps in a progressive direction. The Irish Labour Party is a sorry deformed remnant of the ideals laid down by its founders.

The astute observations of James Connolly and Jim Larkin on the Capitalist system were of a Socialist and Marxist identity, an identity that has devolved and been abandoned. Three times the Irish Labour Party has gotten into bed with a reactionary right wing party and three times the repercussions for the common worker have been staggering.  When James Connolly wrote that “The cause of labour is the cause of Ireland, the cause of Ireland is the cause of labour” he didn’t mean that it would be the officialdom of the Irish Labour Party and their vassal SIPTU receiving extortionate salaries…

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