Internment does exist in Ireland & human rights abuses are happening in British jails in the north.

It’s wrong when it’s Israel oppressing Palestinians, or the Spanish state oppressing political activists, and it’s wrong when it happens here too. Don’t ignore the human rights violations against political prisoners in Ireland.

From our comrade bloggers at The Risen People.

The Risen People

If you believe that everything in the North of Ireland has moved on and that policies such as ‘internment without charge or trial’ had been done away with after the signing of the ‘Good Friday agreement’  you would be wrong.

Altho the situation here is nothing like when ‘Operation Demetrius’ was first launched in 1971 policies against political activists mainly Irish Republicans are still employed to this day used by the crown forces and of course MI5 across the 6 counties targeting anyone they may deem a threat.sdlp

Stop and Search’s, raiding homes of political activists and basically just disrupting the everyday lives of the community’s political policing is still alive and well in the occupied 6 and it seems that those behind these actions are held accountable to no one.

To outsiders it may look like things have moved on things aren’t the way they used to be and…

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