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The intended purpose of this blog is to provide a radical perspective on local, national and international issues from the pens of a few disgruntled agitators. In particular we aim to address all issues which concern the struggles of the working class, and, the international struggles against imperialism and neoliberalism.

A brief description from our “About” page – 

“This blog came about after months, even years, of failed attempts and feint-hearted suggestions to revive the infamous Rebel City newsletter which was in circulation around Cork City during the late 90s and early 00s.

Though this blog is not a direct continuation of that publication, it seeks to follow in it’s tradition of working-class empowerment and radical, uncensored critique of all the issues the wretched of the earth are faced with.

We will defiantly and unapologetically remain anti-imperialist, anti-racist, and, anti-capitalist. Ar aghaidh leis an reabhlóid, an Phoblacht na nOibrithe abú!”

As we begin the new year with this new venture we hope that over the coming months in the lead-up to the centenary of the 1916 Rising that we can establish this blog as a relevant source of information and opinion for political, labour and community activists throughout Ireland and abroad.

It is our intention to maintain a regular flow of content on this site, from current affairs to historical issues, and from the serious to the witty. Though we are few in number now, as our blog grows so too should our range of contributors. With this in mind we encourage anyone to get in contact with us through our email ( if they would like to submit a piece to be published. Of course such is the high quality of our content, not all submissions will be considered.

Alas, the opinions and views expressed on this blog are not necessarily the views of all our contributors, and this is something which we welcome, to ensure a diverse and honest critique of all issues and to stimulate healthy debate. You can support us in this project by “following” our blog and “liking” our Facebook page (on the right side of this page —>).

Beir bua!

Rebel City Writers


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